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    It's with great pleasure that we announce our new collaboration with Askonas Holt. Askonas Holt will now take on the role as Alexander's General Mangement. We are thrilled with about these news and look forward to many years together.

    Best wishes,

Piano Classics interviews Alexander Gavrylyuk


1)        (Are you familiar with Chopin's early works, his polonaise in G minor for example, composed at age seven?)Do you think it's possible for the seven year old Chopin to contain such developed emotions or was he more likely to have followed traditional musical structures that he was influenced by, picking up the "feeling" of the music along the way?

It has been acknowledged that during his early childhood Chopin already demonstrated an intelligence which assisted him in achieving outstanding musical development so early. I think that there were numerous factors that contributed to the impressive early compositions we know of, like Polonaises in g minor and in B flat, both of which he remarkably composed at the age of seven. In my view most importantly there was God's gift- Chopin's natural talent and musical intuition that played the main role. Then of course there was his special ability to observe and even recreate some of his surroundings. Chopin also had, even from an early age, a wonderful sense of humour which we often hear in his compositions and which is so important in music in general.


Moody aids Gavrylyuk to another CSO triumph -July 2011

by David Shengold

....That made a fine warm-up to the Prokofiev concerto. Since this is Gavrylyuk’s sixth sea- son here, he got a hero’s welcome upon en- trance; plus, many knew to sit on the left to see his amazing hands fly up and down the keyboard. (Those on the right had a better view of his rapt facial expressions, including the relief at the brief pauses from incredible exertion that the solo part afforded him).



Erstklassige Visitenkarte

Alexander Gavrylyuks Solorecital mit russischen Werken, das von Piano Classics veröffentlicht wurde, zeigt einen exzellenten Pianisten, der virtuose Technik in den Dienst differenzierten Ausdrucks stellt.


Der gebürtige Ukrainer Alexander Gavrylyuk gehört zu den vielversprechendsten Pianisten seiner Generation. Der Weg des mittlerweile 28-Jährigen ist seit zwölf Jahren mit Wettbewerbssiegen gepflastert, und doch ist Gavrylyuk kein ‚Wettbewerbspianist‘, der eine individuelle Interpretationshaltung zugunsten makelloser Technik zurückstellte. An einer exzellenten Technik mangelt es ihm nicht; aber er stellt sie nicht um ihrer selbst willen aus, sondern im Dienste eines ausdrucksvollen Spiels. Davon konnte man sich in den vergangenen Jahren etwa anhand seiner Gesamteinspielung der Klavierkonzerte von Sergej Prokofjew überzeugen. Nun legt Gavrylyuk beim Label Piano Classics mit einem Solorecital nach, das im April 2011 in Holland aufgezeichnet wurde.




Music review: Bramwell Tovey, Alexander Gavrylyuk, Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl

September 9, 2010 | 12:10 pm- (pulling out parts about Alexander only)

...Gavrylyuk, a Ukrainian in his mid-20s now living in Australia, was on fire in the huge first movement’s three cadenzas – eating up those octaves, the scales burning with visceral power – while drawing a wide variety of clearly articulated color elsewhere.  Coming out of the cadenzas, Tovey picked up on Gavrylyuk’s momentum and ran with it, his astute conducting minimizing such structural roadblocks as the strange pauses in the finale.

Wow the crowd Gavrylyuk did, and he came back with the Liszt/Horowitz circus-like take on Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March,” brimming with a nervous energy that, dare we say, brought back memories of one Mr. Horowitz.  Gavrylyuk sounds like he would be spectacular in Prokofiev; we’ll soon find out, for he recorded all of the concertos last year.

-– Richard S. Ginel

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